Our benefits/facts:

  • Tailor-made technology and services
  • More than 20 years of experience and practise
  • We detect even sophisticated eavesdropping and bugs using top technology
  • We define progressive standards and implement them
  • Reliability, confidentiality, speciality, and flexibility

About US

Our company is active in the field of protection, development, and production of devices against eavesdropping and information leaks. We further deal with the development and production of special electronics with the purpose of for example uncovering in-house criminal activities, etc.

The anti-eavesdropping inspection of space (OTP) has always required an uncompromising equipment at any time. We are using the Rohde & Schwarz laboratory measuring technology – the global leader in the field of monitoring of radio (RF) and microwave (MW) range, further more we use omnidirectional and directional focusing antennas (HE300 R&S) with a known antenna factor. Any spectrum analyser is useless without these antennas, as different whip and alternative antennas do not allow to cover the RF spectrum in question as a whole with no marked “holes”.

Detection of VHF/UHF wiretap, GSM/3G/4G bugs, sophisticated eavesdropping based on spread-spectre and frequency hopping, radio camouflage using the DECT or Wi-Fi standard or micro Dictaphones with a subsequent content transmission through ISM 433 MHz and 868 MHz requires markedly deep knowledge of RF and microwave electronics, which we are continuously expanding on the level of developers and designers.

The founder and owner of the company, Jan Mudroch, has devoted himself to high-frequency electronics and radio spectrum monitoring since 1990. He has started on this path as an active amateur radio operator (OK2MOA), and since 2001 as a technician and developer specializing in the field of protection against eavesdropping and special electronics.

Jan Mudroch has founded the Mudroch Labs s.r.o. company in 2006; the company had been focused on development and production of broadband power amplifiers at the time. Later different and still unique devices were developed (such as EMP 0.2 kW in a briefcase). The emphasis has been on top-quality equipment, uncompromising reliability and precision of both offered technology and services since the very beginning of the company. We have been owning an FSL6 (R&S) spectrum analyser since the foundation of the company.

História spoločnosti

  1. Year 2008

    Realization of proprietary design of experimental detector of non-linear junctions. The increased sensitivity of this experimental design has been confirmed by comparison with several most frequently used types (Lornet, REI, Katran, NR900).

    Subsequently a series of tests has been made for general verification of reliability of this detection method of eavesdropping and bugs, which has proven that the non-linear junction detection is not as reliable method as it had been generally described and presented.

  2. Year 2009

    Realization of the first Faraday (shielded) chamber using an architectonic system. Declared damping of 60 dB has been reached flawlessly.

  3. Year 2010

    An overall modernisation of all antennae produced was done using a new vector network analyser ZVL6 (Rohde & Schwarz), and caused a substantial simplification of realization of demanding projects in the military resort.

  4. Year 2011

    Successful realization of development of performance jamming devices based on the Gaussian noise spread spectrum. Simultaneous development of a series of ultrabroadband performance amplifiers in the scope of DC-1 GHz and 1-3 GHz with outputs in the basic version of 10 – 200 W (P1dB).

  5. Year 2012

    Successful completion of a full-band 150 W performance jammer “TND” 1 MHz – 1 GHz based on Gaussian noise.

  6. Year 2013

    A compact 60 W performance jammer “Nobra-L” based on Gaussian noise in the spectrum of 80 – 500 MHz (VHF/UHF band) was developed and became very popular with the customers.

  7. Year 2014

    Development of a programmable jammer “VNG21” has been commenced; the system allows for precise regulation of the generated signal output separately for every one of 12 channels of the 3G/UMTS cellular system. The jammer operates on the basis of selective Gaussian noise.

    We have added an active targeting system HE300 (Rohde & Schwarz) to our equipment; it allows us to detect all signals in the radio spectrum from 9kHz to 7GHz.

  8. Year 2015

    Successful completion of the “VNG21” programmable jammer. Commencing development of passive protection systems against eavesdropping in GSM/3G/4G/WiFi, and others operating in the 0,8-10GHz band.

    Due to the new top-quality FSVR analyser (Rohde & Schwarz) we have extended the services offered to include a REAL-TIME radio spectrum analysis in the frequency range up to 7GHz.

  9. Year 2016

    Reconstruction and realization of a new shielded laboratory and testing room (Faraday chamber) for Anritsu Solutions SK.

    Our company has started to intensively focus on development of detection protective systems against eavesdropping and information leaks with focus on 100 % reliability of detection. The new concept of this passive protection system is based on continuous automatized detection of dangerous signals in real time using spatial triangulation.

  10. Year 2017

    Intense development of the uncompromising CERETA detection system.