CERETA - Cellular activity detection

CERETA cellular bug detector

Selective detector of cellular activity (possibly area system of detectors and concentrator) with history storing function or on-line transmission of measured values real time which occurring in individual bands.


Detector CERETA is characterized by:

  • Monitoring the activity of all cellulard bands at the same time in REAL TIME
  • Detection range 0.01-1000m for direct visibility
  • Calibrated measurement signal power of UP-LINK cellular and private networks
  • Compact design with built-in precision broadband omnidirectional Bi-cone antenna
  • Possibility of extension by automated control of local jammers for individual bands in real-time
  • High selectivity – resistant to strong radio background (near BTS, etc.)
  • Wide dynamic range of measurement (detection of weak signals and measuring of strong signals)
  • High sensitivity of detection signals in individual bands (up to the distance 1km)
  • Incomparably lower costs compared to „inteligent systems“
  • Reliability and validity of measured data
  • Internal diagnostics of all important parts of circuits
  • Storing of measured data to internal memory with capacity more than one year of recording
  • Allows to transfer measured data over USB or LAN (including POE power)

The CERETA detector can be used as separate unit and also area triangulation system for objects and extensive terrain applications in within perimetric detection of wearing devices and proximity of potential intruder. The dynamic range of detection is moving from -90dBm do +10dBm (the signal detected on the built-in broadband omnidirectional Bi-cone antenna). The CERETA detection system focuses exclusively on the physical transmission layer, therefore it does not need any additional service interventions and technical support after changing and modifying the transmission standards of the cellular networks of mobile operators - this means its timelessness and variability.


Detected bands:

  • LTE 800MHz (832-862MHz)
  • ISM 868MHz (862-880MHz)
  • GSM 900MHz (880-915MHz)
  • GSM/LTE 1800MHz (1710-1785MHz)
  • DECT 1890MHz (1880-1900MHz)
  • 3G/LTE 2100MHz (1920-1980MHz)
  • WiFi 2,4GHz (2400-2500MHz)
  • LTE 2,6GHz (2500-2570MHz)
  • WiFi 5-6GHz
  • As overview is also implemented "Full Band Detector" 0.7-8GHz.

Bandwidth of detect eavesdropping

By green color are marked bands of Up-Links, where transmitting detected mobile devices. On the contrary by red color are marked frequency Down-Links bands of cellulars networks from mobile operators (BTS), which normally with their strong signals make it  impossible reliable detection in bands of Up-Link and private networks (ISM/WiFi). CERETA is immune to this phenomenon and can effectively isolate real-time Up-Links detection from interference of Down-Links.


Determination of the CERETA detection system:

  • OTP/TSCM - detection of on-line overhearing and offline recording machines with subsequent transmission
  • Protection against vehicle positioning and locating
  • Meeting rooms, offices and other areas protected against overhearing
  • Prisons, ammunition depots, state borders, industrial objects of strategic importance
  • Supplement of perimeter protection: early warning ahead of approaching intruder
  • Detection and localization of photo traps and other tricky/spy systems

Detector GSM 3G 4G

Basic technical specification: 

Power requirement 10 - 30Vdc
Current (Power Consumption) 0,7 – 0,2A (max. 7W)
Input impedance 50 Ohm
Max. power at RF input +23dBm (200mW)
Measuremet units dBm
Sensitivity (for all bands) preamplifier ON min. -90dBm
Sensitivity (for all bands) preamplifier OFF min. -70dBm
Dynamic range typ. 100dB
Amplitude accuracy +/-2dB
Max. measuremet power +10dBm
Writing sample time 1S - 10mS
Interface USB, LAN
Dimension 156 x 156 x 140mm
Temperature Range (Operation) -20°C to +50°C
Antenna type Bi-cone 50 Ohm
Antenna SWR max. 1:2,5 @ 0,8-8GHz
Detected bands:  
LTE 800MHz 832-862MHz
ISM 868MHz 862-880MHz
GSM 900MHz 880-915MHz
GSM/LTE 1800MHz 1710-1785MHz
DECT 1890MHz 1880-1900MHz
3G/LTE 2100MHz 1920-1980MHz
ISM 2,4GHz 2400-2500MHz
LTE 2,6GHz 2500-2570MHz
ISM 5-6GHz 4500-8000MHz
"Full BAND" 700-8000MHz




CERETA-VIEWER is designed for off-line viewing and analysis of data measured by real-time CERETA detector. This software is suitable for using by end users who want to control their area by themselves and technicians which controlling area by OTP (TSCM) for their customer. The concept of all software tools is designed with intuitive control and clear orientation in measured data.

Under is shown description with example of 3-minute phone call when person moving with a cellphone along object and outside the object up to 30m away. It is a location of the village type/satellite town with the nearest BTS distant 450m. During the test, in object was active WiFi connection on the roof and also electronic security system GSM module, whose antenna was only 3m away from the Cereta detector.

Detector GSM bug


On the next example is display record of the "cleaned" RF environment of the same area like in previous example: WiFi connectivity was switched off most of the day and the GSM electronic security system antenna was moved to the roof. In this test from real environment were run three types of overhearing: 3G/UMTS overhearing, DECT overhearing and on the next picture GSM overhearing. In all cases were the same conditions homogeneity of the environment, in object was moved one person. In overhearing realized by 3G/UMTS standard is evident significant fluctuation in the strength of the detected signal, which makes it difficult to identify this overhearing against GSM and DECT standards.

Detection 3G eavesdropping


On the under example is evident signal of GSM overhearing (a standard module purchased in usual spy shop) and also signals in band ISM2400. On this example is also shown state with the offset display of some bands (LTE800, ISM868, GSM1800, DECT1890 and LTE2600) that are not currently needed for the evaluation and would be optically disturbing for users. For illustration in the band ISM2400 we demonstrated simulation of the detection of creation connectivity near the guarded object in the band 2.4GHz WiFi during the time window between 16-19 hour (distance of AP from the detector circa 30m across the wall of the object) and detection of the using of this connectivity from the inside of the object either by human "prisoner"(moving source of signal) or undesired device in form of overhearing (space-stable source of signal). 

CERETA detection GSM and WiFi eavesdropping


Currently is available also software CERETA-LIVE. This software has already a platform of concentrator and allows to see immediate changes in detected bands - live view. The software is designed just like CERETA-VIEWER for using by end users who want to control their area by themselves and technicians which controlling area by OTP (TSCM) for their customer.


In case of interest of the object solution, we are ready to develop for this concept 2D and 3D evaluation and in real-time guardians system software which allows in regime object/area from screened mesaured data specify location of the mobile device with precision derived from the density of the detection network.



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