Complete TSCM inspection and protection against eavesdropping

This is a complete set of actions and measurements leading to detection of not only active eavesdropping technology but passive as well, which might be in a stand-by mode only or completely non-active (dead accumulator, etc.). It also may be important for the customer to detect any traces confirming or denying the possibility that an eavesdropping technology had been most probably installed in the room.

This service is appropriate in all cases when there is an assumption that the aggressor might have had enough time and opportunities to install the bug (sometimes tens of seconds are enough, other cases require hours to install). The complete inspection will also detect various manipulations of the space that allow eavesdropping, such as a hole drilled in the wall, ceiling or floor for seemingly no reason at all that may be used to pass through an external microphone of a standard recorder in the right moment.

Lista Part of measuring processes concerning RF spectrum analysis and triangulation is automated and run by our proprietary software. The client will therefore receive a resulting report including measurement protocol immediately after the service is carried out.

Note: before contacting us, please read carefully our concise safety protocol and also follow the instructions received before the realization of the service. This procedure has been put together based on long-term knowledge and different “cases”. Not following the rules mentioned may even lead to thwarting of the information leak detection.

The service is focused on:

  • RF spectrum analysis + triangulation (analogue, digital, scrambled or encrypted eavesdropping…),
  • Real-time RF spectrum analysis (frequency hopping and spread spectrum eavesdropping, including abuse of Wi-Fi, DECT, Bluetooth and other standards)
  • Real-time analysis of reactions to GSM/3G/LTE impulses (eavesdropping carried out through GSM/3G/LTE networks, modified cell phones, etc.)
  • Real-time microwave spectrum analysis (unauthorized access to LAN using 802.11xx, 802.15xx protocols, as well as other modified standards)
  • Analysis of non-electromagnetic possibilities of information and data transfer (IR spectrum, ultrasound, etc.)
  • Thermovision inspection of the space (hidden camera, power source, eavesdropping devices, and other support circuits and appliances)
  • Analysis of powered and unpowered lines in the frequency domain (long wave and shortwave eavesdropping devices, wiretaps in the “supra acoustic” spectrum)
  • Physical inspection of the space in question and its equipment in regards to suspicious alterations and manipulations, or fragments lefty by already possibly carried out installations and subsequent uninstallation of operative technology (forensics)

ParapetOur benefits:

  • Specialization of designers and developers with long-term experiences
  • Top-quality analytical equipment Rohde & Schwarz
  • History erudition of the company
  • Fast and proper handling with 24/7 accessibility over the whole EU
  • Highly-developed methodology and high effectivity
  • National Security Authority industrial security verification

Price of the service:

Travel expenses are not included in the price.
These prices are only approximate. To receive a specific offer, please fill out the contact form.

Up to 30m2: 1230,- EUR
Up to 50m2: 1650,- EUR
Up to 75m2: 1950,- EUR
Up to 100m2: 2100,- EUR
Above 100m2: based on the specific situation from 17,- EUR/m2
The prices are without the VAT

Safety protocol:
It is always important that upon contacting us your intention to handle the suspected information leak in cooperation with a specialized company is not detected. Therefore, please do not contact us from the suspected place in question or using a phone or PC you think might be monitored/tapped.
It is appropriate to contact us for example using a contact form on this web site, by e-mail from a secure account and a secure PC, or by phone from a secure phone with no connection to your person.

RF spectrum analysis

Detection of signals present in the RF spectrum using a spectrum analyser with precise detection of their frequency, amplitude (force), type of operation, characteristic modulation envelopes, parasitic phenomena (such as 50 Hz at many bugs powered by the grid), etc.

RF spectrum triangulation

triangulace graph

Sophisticated measuring procedure based either on the basic physical principle of high-frequency signal dampening upon its spreading in space, or localization thereof. The localization can be realized by the means of directional antennas or special detectors (military application). We apply the basic procedure by correlating three referential measuring points in the given location (200 – 500 m from the VIP) with the RF spectrum in the space inspected. This process is partially automated using a proprietary software. In case of necessity to localize any signals in the 9 kHz to 7 GHz spectrum, we use antenna localization system HE300 (Rohde & Schwarz).

Real-time RF spectrum analysis

Radiova a 2 The real-time RF spectrum analysis detects all very rapid phaenomena, which are very hard (and sometimes impossible) to analyse using a usual spectrum analyser. This applies particularly to Wi-Fi, DECT, and mainly sophisticated eavesdropping devices using spread spectrum, frequency hopping, and fast frequency hopping technology.

Real-time analysis of reaction to GSM/3G/LTE impulses

Special method detecting a present GSM/3G/LTE bug or a “forgotten phone” altered to function as a bug in the space around it.

Analysis of non-electromagnetic transmission possibilities

Analysis of modulated spectrum in the area of infrared spectrum, ultrasound, and evaluation of transmission options using other than high-frequency means.

Thermovision inspection

Termovize Operation of a lot of eavesdropping devices, hidden cameras and supportive technology (such as power sources, A/V transmitters, etc.) creates heat, which is released into the surrounding space. By sensitive scanning of heat differences, it is possible to detect a presence of such technology in the space defined, as well as changes in the homogeneity of the environment created by installation and subsequent uninstallation of any possible eavesdropping devices.


Analysis of powered and unpowered lines in the frequency domain

Meni rozvodu By connecting a spectral analysis through a partition element we carry out a detection of all present signals with many times higher sensitivity than with an oscilloscope. This way we can detect illegal line wiretaps which may use the current wiring to transmit their signal. The aggressor may have for example installed only a microphone in the place of interest and the recording and eavesdropping on events may be realized in a completely different part of the building or even outside of it. The power lines (230 V) may transmit a modulated wiretap, e.g. on long waves. This signal is spreading over the whole branch of the grid.

Physical inspection of the space

This will ensure detection of all eavesdropping or recording technology not detectable by measuring methods. It also may discover already realized manipulations or interventions in equipment or traces after installation of operative technology.

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