Construction of Faraday, shielded, and anechoic rooms and chambers

We realize the shielding using the so-called architectural system (covering the current surface of the room by a shielding material) of welded shielding panels ca 0.3 mm thick.


Faradayova miestnost Tienená miestnost


The combination of architectural system and material used has the following advantages:

  • Allowance for unevenness of floors and wall surfaces
  • Mechanic firmness and resistance against damage
  • Principally ensured homogeneity of the shielding surface
  • Great shielding characteristics of magnetic field 50 Hz as well as the RF spectrum

Guarantee of overall dampening is provided individually based on requirement of a specific project. Dampening of a frame realized by us is at the limit of our measuring system (-125 to -90 dB in the range of 0.1 – 6 GHz).


The shielded room construction is intended for purposes of:

  • Preventing information leaks by compromising radiation (tempest)
  • Protection against eavesdropping and information leaks
  • Protection of servers and sensitive electronics
  • Protection of data centres against targeted MEMP and DEW attacks
  • Creating laboratory environment with no usual RF spectrum present
  • Elimination of external interfering influences in case of electron microscopes
  • Health protection close to transmitters (such as BTS)
  • Creation of healthy space with no “electro smog”

Tienena miestnost Our benefits:

Proprietary measuring system 50 Hz – 6 GHz for measuring spatial dampening to dynamic depth over -90 dB (max. -125 dB) allows us to thoroughly monitor the whole process of construction of shielded and Faraday rooms and chambers.
Metal construction of full metal sheets is a guarantee of reliability of the frame and adherence to guaranteed dampening.
Independent measuring services of dampening and verification of shielded rooms are provided to end clients as well as companies, who realize their own shielding systems and do not have the necessary measuring equipment at their disposal. We know the practical limits of different types of constructions.
Expertise and profound knowledge in the field of high-frequency electronics are a must in this case. We have encountered many failed constructions of spatial shielding, as the issues seem to be quite simple at the first sight.
Our own testing shielded chamber allows us to test different materials and verify the practical impact of errors we encounter while measuring and repairing other constructions.

We will gladly draw up a price offer tailor-made exactly to your requirements on realization and price of a shielded room, including possible optimization, with regard to your budget for such a project.
The price may differ from the order of magnitude of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Euro, based on the type of construction and size of the room.

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Note: During our existence we have encountered a lot of constructions, the end quality of which classify them as “failed” and “half-amateurish”, but their price in many case paradoxically exceed reliable and functional professional realizations.
In case the investor relies on unverified and non-functional shielding system, it may for example cause damage to shielded equipment, leaks of information which is trustingly processed and transferred in the insufficiently shielded space, or other damages.

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