Tailor-made development and prototype production of special and high-frequency electronics

ALL NVG m2In case you are interested in any of the below-mentioned products, you have the possibility to actively enter the development process and participate on its creation by a partial financing of the development, or for example in the form of binding order of a fully functional prototype or final product.

These are usually completely unique devices, in some cases even of experimental character.


Development of the below-mentioned projects may be sped up in case of serious interest, upon a meeting:

  • NF electronics: discreet and hard-to-detect cable transmissions of audio signal with the reach in the order of magnitude of tens of kilometres with very sensitive microphones and preamplifiers with high dynamic range.
  • Passive TSCM (defensive) RF electronics I: selective detectors of GSM/3G/4G/Wi-Fi bugs and microwave detectors for a complex spatial protection of premises.
  • Passive TSCM (defensive) RF electronics II: complex system of RF spectrum analysis + monitoring and early warning system upon discovery of a potential eavesdropping threat or information leak in any wireless form.
  • Special active RF electronics: “smart” jamming devices with digitally adjustable output and option of modification of other parameters.
  • Unconventional encrypted communication devices: information and data transfer at different distances without using the Internet or mobile provider networks.
  • Performance pulse EMP generator 1 – 20 kW: we have developed in the past a version with the RF output of 0.2 kW (2 kW EIRP), now we are developing more efficient version.


RF pracovisko Besides the independent development we also offer modification of already developed devices including camouflages based on request of the customer. We are always trying to find a tailor-made complex solution for a given problem.

In case of different camouflages we are also handling the optimization of antennas for nominal impedance of 50 Ω using a vector network analyser to ensure maximum effectivity of broadcasted output.


Laboratory equipment:

  • FSVR7 (Real-time spectrum analyser 10 Hz – 7 GHz)
  • FSL6 (Spectrum analyser with a tracking generator 9 kHz – 6 GHz)
  • ZVL6 (Vector network analyser 9 kHz – 6 GHz)
  • SMA100A (Signal generator)
  • RTM2000 (Digital oscilloscope 4 CH, 500 MHz, 16 CH logic probe)
  • HMC8012 (Laboratory digital multimeter)
  • HE300 (Set of DF antennas 9 kHz – 8 GHz)
  • HMP2020, HM8143 (digital and programmable laboratory sources)


Osciloskop These further include calibration standards Rosenberger, measuring coaxial cables Huber+Suhner and Harbour Industries, attenuators and end power loads, linear output amplifiers and preamplifiers, filters, mixers, etc.

An essential part is a thermocamera Flir and tools for manual and mechanical machining, such as boring mill, lever shears, precision bender, and so on.



The most demanding projects so far which are not subject to confidentiality

  • The first project (in 2006) we have done, and which has shocked the professional public to a certain degree, has been uprooting the myths on invincibility of non-linear junction detectors. The protection and camouflage system of semiconductor components is so effective that it eliminates the non-linear junction detectors operating in the band up to 1 GHz with no shielding necessary. The current non-linearity detectors (Lornet 36, Orion 2.4) are also blind to this modified system; this is an important observation, mostly from the viewpoint of national and industrial security.
  • One of the most demanding projects is no doubts the “briefcase” generator of microwave energy pulses with the output of 2 kW EIRP. Despite its “briefcase output” it classifies in the category of DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) devices that has raised some attention. Its use makes possible for example inspection and testing of effectivity of shielded rooms in real model situations, using real output.
  • Programmable jammer for the 3G band (VNG21MKI) allowing independent settings of outputs individually for each of the twelve channels. To increase the jamming effectivity to the maximum available, it produces a signal in the form of Gaussian noise.



Portfolio of verified and already realized network solutions:

Noise generators with different outputs up to 7 GHz

Power amplifiers in the order of magnitude from hundreds of Watts to 1 GHz

Power ultrabroadband amplifiers in the order of magnitude from tens of Watts up to 3 GHz

Broadband amplifiers with compensated amplifying characteristic

Broadband preamplifiers with high IP3 resistance

Low noise ultrabroadband and narrowband preamplifiers

Cavity filters and duplexers for frequencies up to the range of Wi-Fi 5 – 6 GHz

Special performance passes in the duplexer form with 3rd harmonic absorption

Performance TX and RX filters and passes (S11 < -30 dB, S21 < 0.2 dB)

Antennas with circular polarization

Directional biquad ANT +10 dBi and LPDA ANT, 0.4 – 6 GHz

Selectively adjusted dipole ANT for frequencies 0.8 – 6 GHz

Broadband omnidirectional bicone ANT for TX 0.4 – 6 GHz, SWR < 1:1.5

Broadband omnidirectional bicone and discone RX antennas

Coaxial cables with S11 < -25 dB to -30 dB in the whole band up to 6 GHz

Development demand