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Detection of 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE), and WiFi eavesdropping and bugs

The system consists of evaluation unit and independent measuring detectors discreetly placed in the space. The system provides in this configuration reliable information on occurrence of any unwanted cellular signal as well as data on approximate location of the signal source – eavesdropping device in the monitored space.

The biggest benefit is the possibility of detection of recording devices with a subsequent memory content transfer function, possibility of connection to an adaptable jamming system, which eliminates such a data transfer and so prevents leak of information accumulated.

This is a measuring detection system providing to its user a permanent protection against all forms of eavesdropping using cellular and ISM networks and bands. Development of this system has been focused mainly on 100% reliability of detection of all cellular and ISM digital eavesdropping devices with no impact from the amount of “electro smog” in the given space.


  • Detection of signals of all cellular and ISM bands simultaneously in real time
  • Distinguishing and identification of operation in individual bands
  • Reliable function without limiting sensitivity and validity by a strong BTS signal
  • Detectors are calibrated and operate with the margin of error max. +/-2 dB
  • Operation of the system is fully automated
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