Eavesdropping devices, bugs, microphones; from analogue to digital

Eavesdropping realized by any means is only a tool for receiving real information. The important point is, who and how is using this information.

Eavesdropping may discover a marital infidelity, in-house or other criminal activity or on the contrary it may exonerate a suspect. On the other hand, eavesdropping may directly or indirectly infringe on trade secrets or breach the right to privacy of an individual or a group.

It is not possible to try to resolve moral aspects of the “defensive” – protection against eavesdropping, just as it is not possible to resolve moral aspects of the “offensive” – eavesdropping technology.

Mikrofony2Top-quality professional microphones, used in all types of our eavesdropping technology, stand out compared to the most commonly used electret microphones with much less noise of their own, specially formed transmission parameters, and high resistance against various types of jamming. Empirically proven and practical advantage of these microphones is the miniature sound output appreciated by all experienced technicians.
Top-quality laboratory technology Rohde & Schwarz allows us to reach high efficiency of broadcast output (maximum camouflage range) in development and manufacturing of all eavesdropping devices and camouflages. This equipment made it possible for us to realize the precise development of circuits processing signals from the microphones.

Compared to usual eavesdropping devices all our systems include an analogue AVC (automatic volume control) circuit that, compared to digital AVC, does not suffer from digital noise and problems in processing louder parts. Other advantages include high sensitivity of the microphone, automatic dampening of residual noise, frequency stability of the emitter, miniature dimensions of eavesdropping devices and mainly of antennas.