Expert consultations, advice, and measurements in the field of RF, EMC, and EMI

In the field of RF we offer both to companies as well as individual subjects consultations and measurements:

  • EMC resistance and compatibility of the device as well as individual functional blocks.
  • Identification and removal of EMI (interference from own source).
  • Measuring of circuit blocks and wholes.
  • Evaluation of a complete project concept from the viewpoint of possible technical sabotage.
  • Consultations and measurements in the field of antennas, antenna systems, and components thereof.

In practice this might be a support of an on-going development without contracting the development project directly with our company.
We have abundant experiences with solving various problems in the field of RF and microwave electronics, from the acoustic spectrum fluently through issues related to jamming switch step-up and step-down transformers, processing HF/VHF/UHF bands, up to microwave frequency.


Price is from € 20 to € 250 w/o VAT per hour.
The end price includes time spent on consultations, processing documents, and preparation for expert consultations, as well as time spent on possible experimental measurement.

Service demand