Measuring shielded (Faraday) or anechoic room (chamber) dampening

This service is intended for owners and users of shielded spaces (verification of parameters), as well as for subjects realizing different types of construction of shielded, anechoic, and Faraday rooms.

Service description:

Standard dynamic range of our measuring provided is 90 dB – 100 dB @ 0.1 – 6 GHz (we use the “VNA” method), max. up to 120 dB (0.3 – 3 GHz). The service includes besides the measuring proper also preparation works and calibration of measuring system with regard to the distance of broadcasting and receiver antennas of the system in the specific conditions.

Description of commonly used methods, their advantages and disadvantages for this type of measurements:

  • Natural spectrum. Correlation of signals outside and inside the shielded space. The advantage is the low demand on equipment but a big disadvantage is very limited dynamic range and markedly limited frequency grid with big “blind spots”.
  • Spectrum analyser + generator. Test eavesdropping devices may be used instead of a generator. The advantage is somewhat low demand on equipment, the disadvantage may be a limited dynamic range, high demands on operators or time necessary for the measurement, as well as limited frequency grid.
  • Scalar method. Is based on using one measuring device, broadband broadcasting and receiving antenna. The advantage is higher measuring speed and finer frequency grid. The disadvantage is higher demand on technical equipment and limited dynamic range.
  • VNA method. It is necessary to use a vector network analyser, broadband broadcasting + receiving antenna, and other accessories. The disadvantage is high demand on technical equipment, expertise of the operator, and necessity of calibrating the system. The advantage is very fine frequency grid and big dynamic range of measurement, which in some parts of the band exceeds the value of 120 dB.

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We always emphasize exact and objective measurements without taking into question the recipient, whether the creator of the shielded Faraday chamber or investor of the project.

We implement the measuring using a statistic method, fusing several diagrams from the same series into one, resulting graphics; when appropriate we also create different conditions in testing the whole, such as different pressures on doors fully closed, not fully closed, open, etc.


It is possible to design the measurement:

  • For evaluation of necessity of shielding as a protection against a DEW-RF and DEW-MW attack.
  • As a set of several measurements before, during, and after completion of realization of the shielding.
  • To evaluate the condition (verification) of shielded or anechoic chamber/room.



The distance of measuring antennas may be in order of magnitude from meters up to tens of meters, based on conditions of the space in question.
To run the measurement, we require the shielded room or chamber to include a testing service passage by the means of “N” or SMA connector. If these are not available, we may realize the installation of it upon consultation and inspection of the space.


Price of this service is in the range, based on the extent, demand, and number of measurements, from € 600 to € 2,800 w/o VAT per day.
In case of several measurements within one project or in case of concluding a deeper cooperation individual conditions are calculated.

Service demand