We develop and manufacture conventional jammer – jammers focused on bands of cellular networks, ISM and navigation bands: GSM 900 MHz; 3G-UMTS 2,100 MHz; LTE 800 MHz; LTE 1,800 MHz; LTE 2,600 MHz; Wi-Fi + ISM 2.4 GHz; Wi-Fi 5.6 GHz; GPS L1/L2; GLONASS; ISM 433/868; CDMA 420/450 MHz, etc.
Another part of the portfolio are the non-conventional broadband jammers – these jammers cover continuously whole parts of HF/VHF/UHF bands with a broadband Gaussian noise in real time. This category includes partially also programmable jamming stations, which allow for adaptable selective jamming of individual cellular network channels with dynamic range of output settings in the range of 30 dB. Programmable adaptable jamming stations are intended mainly for jamming with high spatial demands, such as prison premises where it is necessary to jam a specific space close to civilian environment, where the jamming is unwanted by contrast.

04 Celular ANT2 Antennas are an essential part of every jamming system. Any device with any output and the most effective jamming system ever will have basically no impact if it can’t broadcast this jamming output into the surrounding environment. This means, that antennas make one of the most important elements of all telecommunication and jamming systems.

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, we put a great emphasis on our own development and manufacture of directional and omnidirectional antennas, and we do not rely on mass-produced antennas. During the production we take a great care to achieve the most precise repetitiveness of manufacture, and within the development we put emphasis on precise adjustment of all antennas to reach the maximum effectivity of broadcast into the surrounding environment.

04 SWR Celular ANT All the devices (not only from this category) are developed and manufactured using the top-quality laboratory technology; we pay attention to maximum reliability and stability also outside the range of recommended operational temperatures. A multi-stage control system is applied to the manufacturing process. All devices go through a thorough final inspection and endurance tests including use of a thermocamera.

We also test the power strain of antennas – antenna of one type (coaxial dipole) may heat up to 80°C with the RF power of, for example, 10W @ 1.8 GHz, while the same type of antenna with a more massive power design may heat up to 40°C only under the same operational conditions.


  • Performance of devices really match the declared values
  • We design and manufacture the output stages ourselves in all cases
  • Frequency ranges are set to reliably cover the standards set
  • All devices are adjusted in such a way not to produce unwanted jamming (BTS inputs)
  • Output powers of individual bands are stable in the whole range of the operational spectrum
  • We gain the maximum of power / effective range ratio for all generations of networks
  • All devices with output powers over 10 W include automatic PA protections
  • Antennas are precisely adjusted using a vector network analyser
  • Directional antennas of our production show in practice thrice the increase of the effective range


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