Antennas, pre-amplifiers, filters, pre-selectors, and other specialized equipment for radio spectrum monitoring.

Equalizovaný zesilovač We manufacture upon order a wide spectrum of both passive and active components for general purposes of RF spectrum monitoring. All components and devices are developed and manufactured with regard to high EMC resistance, are intended for demanding measuring application, as well as use in the usual radio operation in the range of 9 kHz – 6 GHz. Most of the components offered are adaptable – upon request of the client it is possible to carry out modifications and corrections of some of the parameters.
We use a vector network analyser for the development and manufacture of both passive (antennas, filters, ...) as well as active (preamplifiers, amplifiers) elements, and the dispersion parameters of all gates are verified.


Duplexer a filtr

Overview of portfolio in this area:

Filters: receiving/broadcasting, high pass/low pass, and combination thereof, selective and broadband, for RF and EMC…
Duplexers, multiplexers: with different performance dimensions and for different frequency bands and ranges.
Preamplifiers: low noise / with high OIP3, broadband / selective, compensated amplifier cascades.
Antennas: broad-/narrow-band, directional/omnidirectional.
Preselectors: devices for extending the dynamic range of receivers and spectrum analysers.

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