Safe and encrypted phone calls and data transfers

Our company is in this field focused on independent research, development, and production of prototype device ensuring safe communication over limited and unlimited distances. Under the term “limited distances” we understand the range of communication units within the order of magnitude of kilometres up to tens of kilometres. In case of “unlimited distance” we understand the reach up to intercontinental level.
The communication is secured on several layers at once using different systems.
A fundamental form of protection is application of the stream cipher system and securing the source of the cipher.
This is a simple principle which in practice creates an unbreakable encryption system, as the condition of the infinitely long key is met.

More information and details can be provided during an in-person meeting only.

Basic parameters:

  • Information is protected already by the transfer system outside the Internet, GSM, etc.
  • Tailor-made.
  • Transmission options from text message, through slow data streams up to voice transfer.
  • No standards are used – everything is non-standard.
  • The hardware is developed with regard to emergency use under field conditions as well.
Product demand