Secure meeting, monitoring and protection of the RF spectrum against eavesdropping

The purpose of this service is to ensure information security of a specific meeting, to determine discreetly whether a third party or one of the parties at the meeting are not trying to stream data outside the meeting. In case of leak detection, it is our task to prevent it effectively and discreetly using technical measures.
To provide this service we use a spectral analyser, real-time analyser, and other special equipment.

RF spectrum analysis

Detection of signals present in the RF spectrum using a spectrum analyser with precise detection of their frequency, amplitude (force), type of operation, characteristic modulation envelopes, parasitic phenomena (such as 50 Hz at many bugs powered by the grid), etc.

Real-time RF spectrum analysis

The real-time RF spectrum analysis detects all very rapid phaenomena, which are very hard (and sometimes impossible) to analyse using a usual spectrum analyser. This applies particularly to Wi-Fi, DECT, and mainly sophisticated eavesdropping devices using spread spectrum, and frequency hopping.

Note: before contacting us, please read carefully our concise safety protocol and also follow the instructions received before the realization of the service. This procedure has been put together based on long-term knowledge and different “cases”. Not following the rules mentioned may even lead to thwarting of the information leak detection.

This service may be only provided at places with 230 V power grid accessible.

The price includes preparation of the workplace (1-2 hrs before beginning of the meeting) and the related referential radio spectrum analysis, as well as the first hour of monitoring and analysing the RF spectrum changes.

Our benefits:

  • Specialization of designers and developers with long-term experiences
  • Top-quality analytical equipment Rohde & Schwarz
  • History erudition of the company
  • Fast and proper handling with 24/7 accessibility over the whole EU
  • Highly-developed methodology and high effectivity
  • NBÚ (SK) industrial security verification

Price of the service:

Price based on the extent of services, starting at: 680,- EUR
Price of every commenced hour starting at: 39-81 EUR/h
* Prices are exclusive of VAT

Safety protocol:
It is always important that upon contacting us your intention to handle the suspected information leak in cooperation with a specialized company is not detected. Therefore, please do not contact us from the suspected place in question or using a phone or PC you think might be monitored/tapped.
It is appropriate to contact us for example using a contact form on this web site, by e-mail from a secure account and a secure PC, or by phone from a secure phone with no connection to your person.

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