Special services

This category includes all services which haven’t been yet specified, such as:

  • Checking whether a mobile phone has or has not been tapped by a civil subject.
  • Special expert consultation and training in the field of protection against eavesdropping.
  • Tailor-made specific solutions for protection against eavesdropping.

The service is intended for both individuals and companies who want to procure protection against eavesdropping and information leak using their own trained personnel.

In case of companies is possible an individual set up of a combined cooperation and OTP realization system.
For example, routine physical checks of offices and meeting rooms with regard to fast and easy installation (such as a mini Dictaphone under a desk or a chair) doesn’t require any demanding and expensive technical equipment and may be realized in short time intervals (for example before/after every meeting). This regular inspection of a meeting room may be carried out by your internal company trained by us with no deeper expert knowledge. On the other hand, highly demanding procedures, which for example include the RF spectrum analysis, have to be provided by an expert to ensure the validity.


Price is from € 20 to € 250 w/o VAT per hour.
The end price includes time spent on consultations, processing documents, and preparation for expert consultations, as well as time spent on possible experimental measurement.


Service demand