Inspection of cars against monitoring and eavesdropping

A monitoring device may use the GPS, GLONASS, or GALILEO navigation systems to localize the car or it may determine an approximate location using data on the BTS of mobile network providers. In an exceptional case the location of the car may be monitored using completely autonomous systems based on triangulation of the signal broadcasted by a monitoring device in the car.
The GSM/3G/LTE standards are the most frequently used to transmit data on the location of the car; in exceptional cases Wi-Fi or telemetric or command modules operating for example on 433.9 and 868 MHz may be used (but these are mainly concerning off-line transmission of stored data on location).
We have the real-time spectrum analysis at our disposal; this allows us to use a special measuring procedure to determine whether there is a monitoring device installed in the car or not.

Note: before contacting us, please read carefully our concise safety protocol and also follow the instructions received before the realization of the service. This procedure has been put together based on long-term knowledge and different “cases”. Not following the rules mentioned may even lead to thwarting of the information leak detection.

Real-time RF spectrum analysis

The real-time RF spectrum analysis detects all very rapid phaenomena, which are very hard (and sometimes impossible) to analyse using a usual spectrum analyser. This applies particularly to Wi-Fi, DECT, and mainly sophisticated eavesdropping devices using spread spectrum, and frequency hopping.

Real-time analysis of reaction to GSM/3G/LTE impulses

Special method detecting a present GSM/3G/LTE bug or a “forgotten phone” altered to function as a bug in the space around it.

Physical inspection of the vehicle

Mikrofon v aute Non-active devices are detectable only by physical inspection of the car. We carry it out by all inspecting all accessible spaces without need to disassemble covers and car parts.




Price of the service:

The price stated is concerning realization of the service at our workshop (Banská Bystrica region). In case of realization of the service at a different place, an individual price offer will be calculated.

400,- EUR bez DPH /1 vehicle.

Safety protocol:
It is always important that upon contacting us your intention to handle the suspected information leak in cooperation with a specialized company is not detected. Therefore, please do not contact us from the suspected place in question or using a phone or PC you think might be monitored/tapped.
It is appropriate to contact us for example using a contact form on this web site, by e-mail from a secure account and a secure PC, or by phone from a secure phone with no connection to your person.

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